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Feathers Aloft

Doves symbolize Love, Grace, Hope, Wisdom, Understanding, Strength, Peace, Comfort and Faith.

A white dove release at a funeral symbolizes your loved one's Spirit leaving the earth, bringing both closure and hope.

We understand the hurried planning of funerals.
Your call is never too late. Call today to schedule your loved one's memorable white dove release.

Doves may be released by our professional handlers or by the ceremony participants.

A complimentary wooden framed poem and dove feather is included with all packages.

A display cage with a pair of smaller ringneck doves can be added to any package.
These beautiful white doves can be a part of your ceremony, either at the funeral home or graveside, rain or shine, day or night.
Their cages can be displayed for the reception hall, garden, or church.
This price is for a one time rental for one location. Example; ceremony rental or reception.

NOTE: The display doves are very domesticated and will not be released.

A loved one or a close friend can release the Spirit Dove symbolizing the one we have come to honor. The white dove signifies your loved one's Spirit as it ascends into the heavens.

Three Doves are released representing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These will circle, waiting until a single dove is released representing your loved one's Spirit. All will join together to escort your loved one's Spirit home.

First the Spirit Dove, then seven additional doves will be released representing the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit; wisdom, strength, honor, glory, understanding, praise and blessings. Revelations 5:12

A flock of twelve doves will be released to represent the love and prayers of family and friends. The Angels will circle the sky waiting for the Spirit dove to join them and continue the journey home to eternal peace.

The doves are released to show a spectacular display for Veterans, Police Officers and Firemen. Since the twenty-one gun salute is often the highlight of official military ceremonies, we offer a release of twenty one doves, to acknowledge their dedication.

We offer the release of white doves at no charge to honor our Soldiers, Firemen and Police Officers who were struck down in the line of duty.